The other day, mom borrowed several costumes from a coworker. One was of a jail hat. So, mom came over, offered me some treats. I happily took part in that. And then I saw that hideous hat. I mean… it was TERRIBLE! A little black and white striped hat with ear holes! Was she kidding!? The nerve! So I showed my immediate disapproval with a loud, menacing *THUMP!* She jumped back, still holding the hat. Perhaps she did not understand me the first time! *THUMP!* again!”Fine,” she said. “No hat.” She got up to leave. I thumped four more times to show my anger. Then I raced under my wicker tent.

I was putting a stop to this ridiculous holiday, once and for all!

We didn’t talk for an hour. I stayed under my tent. The nerve. If she wants to dress me up, it better be something pretty. Like a princess. Or a wizard. Or better yet, a goddess. But a bunny in jail!? Hmrpf!

Dad asked what was going on.

“We’re fighting,” mom said.

“Oh…” He looked very confused.

After about an hour, I came out to get some food. Mom came over and I stared her down.

“You have to put up with me,” she said. “I clean out your litterbox everyday. I make sure you have fresh hay, veggies, pellets, toys, and more. All I ask is that sometimes you humor me.”

I kept staring. She looked sad. I guess I really hurt her feelings.

So I flopped. That was as much of an apology that woman was going to get out of me!

Luckily, it worked. I forgave her, and she forgave me. We shared nose rubs and the world was right again.

And luckily, there has been no talk of that wicked hat returning!

However, I couldn’t prevent her from creating this: