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Apparently my human just doesn’t get it. Now she’s embarrassing me with a Christmas-theme postage stamp.

On Sunday morning I was treated to an experience with the flashing cameras of the paparazzi. I literally turned around for a second–a second— and a wreath was strapped to my door! I went over to investigate, and BAM! FLASH! FLASH! FLASH!

I was blinded! Being a bunny supermodel is definitely not for the faint of heart! It lasted no more than 2 minutes, when I decided to hop away and hide in my wicker tent. And then–*covers face with paw in shame*–that human put the photo of me on our holiday stamps! For goodness sakes, if I was going to have to be on a postage stamp, couldn’t I have advance notice before the photoshoot? And goodness she ordered 60 of them! Sixty stamps! Does she even have 60 people to mail those cards out to?!?!

I think I’ll hide when the cards go out this year. Or–better yet–I should intercept the package when they arrive! Hmmm maybe I should chew them up too. Then she’ll have to go back to those boring liberty bells…

*evil bunny laughter*

OK… enough of that. Nap time.

Mom was too busy getting ready this morning to realize I had escaped. She always leaves the bottom door of my condo open in case I want to come out and run around, but usually I opt to stay inside. But today, while she was making hot chocolate, I ran out. I had gotten to the other side of the office (I found a shortcut that involved jumping over a plastic bin and some newspapers) to scope out the other side. There were lots of good, dark hiding places for me to go. But unfortunately, she must have heard the scuffle I made when jumping over the newspapers, because she showed up shortly thereafter! She scurried me away, and kept saying, Not near the wires! Not near the wires! What a weird woman she is!

This came in our e-mail box this morning! We didn’t even know there was going to be a sale!

* Excludes Gift Certificates, bulk orders, taxes and shipping fees. Cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts or coupons.

Don’t play coy with me. I can hear everything you say or do.

Make sure every room in your home has bunny-approved calendars! Check mine out here. (Be sure to click the view calendar pages link to see all my beautiful photos!)

Way back on Nov. 4, Hopscotch found an article titled Interview with Bean the Bunny. Written (and translated) by a pet psychic, Bean tells readers that even though rabbits love sugary treats, they are bad for bunnies.

Even though we love carrots and apples if we get too much it can make us mean. I was being mean to my dad, by batting things out of his hands and biting him. It was because I was getting too much sugar and my stomach was hurting. Now he gives me more lettuce and other vegetables. 

It was funny that Hopscotch found this story because Lola had just come off two weekends of being taken care of by ‘grandma.’ Grandmas, as you know, have an uncanny ability to give lots of treats to their grandbunnies. But even without special treats, Lola was already getting a fair share of banana chips and dried papaya every day for being such a good bunny. She did get snappy, but we just thought she just had an aggressive personality.

Well, on that Sunday, grandma was offering Lola her third banana chip in a short period of time (I have a feeling it was more than three, but I have no proof) when Lola pounced and attempted to lunge at her hand. (According to grandma, she spit as well.)

I’ve never heard a rabbit spit, and I highly doubt Lola did. I  have heard her grunt so I believe that was the form of communication used instead. Anyway, grandma was very upset and I was told my bunny needed therapy.  Instead I found the article and decided to follow Bean’s advice.

Lola’s been off banana chips and dried papaya for a week. And I’ve already noticed a change. Yesterday, I gave her a tiny little piece of dried papaya for making it through the entire week without her sugary snacks (after all, it is hard to go cold turkey). While she still gets a little moody (she is a diva after all), she has become less cage territorial. And she seeks out nose rubs more often.

And last night her dinner buffet consisted of more varied veggies, including romaine lettuce, basil, parsley, and a slice of green pepper.

Has anyone else had the same problem with sugary snacks for bunnies?

My winter fur coat is growing in strangely this time. I’ve got a weird pattern growing on my nose so it looks like I am always a tad disgruntled. But that same color fur is growing in on my back and it’s even softer than usual! Do other bunnies experience the same thing?

I’ve been shedding so much fur that I could stuff a tiny pillow for my condo!!