Apparently my human just doesn’t get it. Now she’s embarrassing me with a Christmas-theme postage stamp.

On Sunday morning I was treated to an experience with the flashing cameras of the paparazzi. I literally turned around for a second–a second— and a wreath was strapped to my door! I went over to investigate, and BAM! FLASH! FLASH! FLASH!

I was blinded! Being a bunny supermodel is definitely not for the faint of heart! It lasted no more than 2 minutes, when I decided to hop away and hide in my wicker tent. And then–*covers face with paw in shame*–that human put the photo of me on our holiday stamps! For goodness sakes, if I was going to have to be on a postage stamp, couldn’t I have advance notice before the photoshoot? And goodness she ordered 60 of them! Sixty stamps! Does she even have 60 people to mail those cards out to?!?!

I think I’ll hide when the cards go out this year. Or–better yet–I should intercept the package when they arrive! Hmmm maybe I should chew them up too. Then she’ll have to go back to those boring liberty bells…

*evil bunny laughter*

OK… enough of that. Nap time.