I’m a bit late with my wish list for Santa, given the late-night plottings I’ve been holding. (It’s a true shame that my plans were foiled! Who knew a thing called UPS existed! Why isn’t there a mailbox set up for him? Then I could have been waiting in there instead!)

After stewing all day and night in my cage, I’m over it. I’ve decided to go with the flow, as you suggested. I did a few good laps around the apartment this morning to work off some steam, and I feel much more relaxed now. Perhaps Santa will be extra kind to me this year to make the situation better!

So, for Christmas, my list is pretty much sticking to the Busy Bunny Web site. I’m asking for their 2007 Holiday Basket, their Deluxe Basket, an Unpeeled Willow Cube and an Unpeeled Willow (Medium) Ball. That way I’ll have plenty to chew into the new year. I also asked for the “limited edition” DKM greeting card, because, if I have to use those blasted stamps, I might as well have pretty cards to go with them!