We’ve all been there. Perhaps you indulged in too many papaya treats. Or gorged on bananas. Whatever your guilty pleasure, you may be feeling guilty in another way, now that the holidays have passed. Perhaps you’ve gained a little around the midsection. And with morning temperatures near 5 degrees, who would want to get outside to hop around anyway!

But there are easy ways to work off that holiday flab (in the comfort of a heated apartment/house), even if you feel like hibernating until spring. I have a five day workout plan that will fit into your schedule (and leave room for some banana martinis on the weekend).

Day One: Running. Chart your course through the living room. Throw a few table legs and chairs in the mix as well. Then zip through as quickly as you can! Dodge the dust bunnies, circle the legs, hop on the couch and loop around that coffee table in order to get back to the house as quickly as possible. Out of breath? No worries. Even the senior bun can do this routine. Just remember not to run out there like you’re six months old again. Take your time in the beginning. You can gradually build up speed each week.

Day Two: Ear lifts (for lops). This is a great exercise to follow your intensive workout from yesterday. You can even do it while comfortably watching TV or listening to the radio. Sit in your favorite spot and lift your right ear and hold for 10 seconds. Slowly lower and repeat the same movement with your left ear. Do this repetition five times for each ear. (As weeks go on, keep adding five more repetitions.)

Ear bends (for straight ears): This is similar to grooming ears. Sit in an upright position and bend to grab your right ear. Hold for 10 seconds. Release. Now do the same movement with your left ear. You can do this repetition five times for each ear (and as with the lop-ear exercise, you can add five more repetitions each week).

Day Three: Ball Lifting. For this exercise, you’ll need one of those rabbit toys. (I use the rabbit maze ball that mom bought at Petco—see photo at left.) With this exercise, lift the ball with your mouth, and then hurl it to the opposite side of your cage. Not only is this extremely stress-relieving, but it annoys the humans too! (I love to do this exercise at 3 a.m.)

Day Four: Practice that Binkie. Sit in a meditation-like pose and think happy thoughts. Carrot cake. Banana trees. Apple slices. You may need to reflect on these images before you’ll feel your first twitch. As soon as you reach nirvana, binkie around the house like a crazy bun. This is a great calorie burner!

Day Five: Digging. OK, just as a warning, your humans may hate this exercise. I think it’s extremely effective and I do it everyday. Hop into your litterbox and pretend you’re digging a new home for a warren of bunnies underground. Dig dig dig. I love this exercise because it gives me shapely arms. (My human hates it because of the mess it entails.)

Days Six and Seven: Rest! Drink and be merry! (Just because you’re working out doesn’t mean you still can’t go out and have fun!)