I got up nice and early this morning– 6 a.m. I started to trim my teeth on the wooden beam on my cage. I was getting pretty far with the chewing when mom finally came in and said, “Enough! It sounds like a woodpecker lives here!” I don’t know what a woodpecker is, so I stared at her blankly. But since she was up early, that meant I could come out to play!

So she opened the bottom door and I came out and hopped here and hopped there. Then I headbutted her until she obeyed and pet me. Everything was going great- I was purring so loud because I was so happy. (Mom says she’s not a morning person but I don’t really care.)

I decided to take my breakfast on the veranda this morning (that’s what mom calls the carpet outside my house). From here I was able to observe the changing of my litterbox to make sure mom put the carefresh on the right side and the hay on the left. I absolutely hate it when she does not follow these simple orders. Lucky for her, she listens.

Then mom disappeared with the trash. I thought I heard something funny. I lifted one ear to listen. All of a sudden, my suspicious were confirmed! The vicious vacuum was back! I tore into my house to hide while it was still in the hallway.

Once again, the vacuum took away the lovely mess I had created on my veranda! I was very mad until the vacuum finally went away. But then mom came back with papaya treats and said what a good bun I was for not attacking the vacuum. I let her give me nose rubs and then settled in for my morning nap.

To be followed by my mid-afternoon and late-afternoon naps.