Having a bout of bad luck? It could be due to how you arrange your home. I consulted with the experts to apply feng shui to your hutch.

First, you’ll need to figure out where your home falls on a compass. (An easy way to tell is to watch where the sun rises and sets.) For example, my house is a two floor bunny condo. I can see the sun set from the window, which is west. I am in a corner of the room, so the yellow boxes symbolize the room’s walls. (I just chose a random color for that.)

Each direction has an element, color and life area associated with it. So if I were to map my home on a Feng Shui map, it would look like this:

As you see each corner represents a part of your life. If your job (example, hole digger) is going badly, for example, that means you need to work on the SE corner of your home. Working on your famous blog? Make sure your S area is free. When I say “free,” I mean clean. This is a very important aspect to a feng shui home, and it is the hardest for me to keep up with. Clutter. It’s bad. Very bad. Being a rabbit, I love to create a mess. But messes prohibit the flow of energy in my space. Did you ever notice how content you felt after the human comes through and cleans your house? Of course, it is annoying when she moves things around, but getting rid of the rejected hay on the floor, the chewed up pieces of basket and toys really DOES make me feel better. That is because the energy (called Chi) is allowed to reach me.

Back to the blogging example. If your S area is covered in leftover hay, droppings, broken toys, etc., well, you’re going to be giving yourself an uphill battle to take over the internet. Clean it up, and that energy will improve.  I bet the Disapproving Rabbits web site has excellent Chi in the S area of her hutch!

Imagine Chi as water flowing through your home. Where does it flow? Does it get stopped anywhere? If anything comes to mind, you should clear that space so Chi can flow there. (For example, I have a wicker tent that blocks the Chi energy on the second floor of my condo, in the southeast (SE) corner. I am constantly pushing the tent out of that corner and into the center of the room. Until of course, the dumb human arrives and pushes it back there. So is our battle. So is life.)

The more you learn about feng shui, the better your life can be. For example, based on which way your home faces influences the best placement for items in your house (examples include litter boxes and food dishes). But I’ll have to save that for another day! That’s a whole other story!

* Note from Lola’s human: Miss Lola is keeping herself entertained reading misc. books around my apartment while I am away at pastry school. Hence, her newfound interest in feng shui.