Last June, mom found an awesome, talented artist by the name of Ariel Tebben. She is the creator of the Buddha Bunny, which was inspired by her two rabbits Bunson and Petey.

On her Web site (through myspace), she says: “Each Buddha Bunny is sculpted and painted by hand, so each one is completely unique! …Your bunny is sure to bring serenity and a smile to your day. We hope you’ll share the bunny love! Each Original Buddha Bunny comes with a sculpted lotus on lilypad and a custom gift box lined with silver tissue paper.”

We loved the idea of the Buddha Bunny so much, but saw there were no lops. So we asked Ariel if she could fashion a Buddha after me. And she did! We were so happy with the result when it arrived in it’s little box. It now sits with the rest of the family picture frames.

We hope someday soon to come into a lot of money so we can have an army of Buddha Bunnies all over our bookcases.