This post is from Lola’s mom, since Lola seems under the weather today.

Every morning she usually is ready to come out, hop around, eat, etc. I should have been in there by at least 6:30 a.m. but this morning I was running late for work, so I went in her room at 7 a.m.

So instead she just looked sleepy and didn’t show an interest in coming out. But she doesn’t always come out so I thought, OK. I’ll get her food. So I get her food and usually the sound of that shaking in the bag or going in the food dish makes her happy — still nothing. So I start offering her treats — not interested.

She had kicked a lot of her litterbox contents out overnight, but I did see some poops scattered about. So at this point she hops into the box for a while and all she did was #1. And then she just kinda watches me for a while. So I’m talking to her and petting her, I went and got some baby carrots. I’m brushing and brushing her. She’s been shedding a lot lately and I’ve been trying to stay on top of it.

Last night I had class so my husband had dinner and litterbox duty. He said she was completely fine. He only changed her box at 10 p.m. and she took a treat then too. He said he fed her lettuce and that she ate that too. So I’m wondering if maybe her routine was just shifted off a couple of hours?

So I put more hay in her house– including oat hay — and I went to the store (since I called work to tell them I’d be late) and got more lettuce, carrot tops, basil and parsley. I put all of it in front her when I got back– still no interest. She just looks sleepy.

But– she was still very interested in grooming herself. And there were three new poops too.

So as a last resort, I crinkled the treat bag and her ears perked up and she came over to take one.

Thank goodness. (Because I automatically fear the worse and think G.I. Stasis.)

So I was already 2 hours late for work so I left her with all the food since she had started eating. But I’m going to go home before class tonight and check on her to make sure she is ok. Hopefully I won’t be late for class, but you know how a bunny mom worries.

On Sundays she usually gets fed later because I sleep in, so I’m hoping she just thought it was Sunday. Plus it was very gray and cloudy this morning. Maybe she thought it was earlier than it really was?
I don’t know why she’s getting her spring coat now– it seems so early. But all I can do is stay on top of all the brushing.

So please keep little Miss Lola in your thoughts today. Please tell her to eat and poop a lot.