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Ahh! Don’t squish the bunny!

Even if I’m not suppose to be on that side of the room… geez!

It’s quite simple actually.

A two step process.

Receive willow hay rack.

Destroy willow hay rack.

All in one night!

Make Mine Chocolate! is raffling off this beautiful painting. This acrylic on canvas (8×18 inches) might be yours if you buy a raffle ticket — only $1 each! I took mom’s card and bought 10 tickets! Maybe I’ll sneak on later and buy more! I think it would look lovely in my condo! (If one of my friends wins it, I’ll just have to hop on over and visit more often!)

As you know, earlier this month I was decorating my home for St. Pat’s. Being an Irish bun, I have to make sure to spread the Irish bun cheer! Which means every bunny should get an extra helping of something green today!

I’m trading in this green carnation for some parsley. Hmmm. Parsley.

One of our bunny friends — Buddha– passed over the rainbow bridge this past week. So I haven’t been scampering or hopping about too much.

Here is Buddha and Bella (his bun-wife who passed away in June).

I’m decorating for St. Patrick’s Day.