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Must… destroy… cottage…

Mom is trying to keep a list everyday of five things that she is happy about that day. I’m going to give it a shot today too!

1. That I have a safe home.

2. Papaya tablets!!

3. Orchard hay. Hmmmmm. Orchard hay.

4. My big jingly ball. It’s perfect for picking up, throwing, and waking the humans.

5. My floor tile. I love the sound it makes when I dig on it. And it helps keep me cool in the summer. (And sometimes mom will freeze it to make it cooler on those hot hot days!)

What are you happy about today?

It has come to our attention that another bunny with major medical needs has come into 3Bunnies care. Wrigley was found abandoned in a baseball field in Connecticut. She has a VERY bad case of ear mites — which took months to get to this point. 3Bunnies is accepting donations to help pay for her medical bills. Please pass the word that she needs help!

Daria, who we blogged about on Feb. 1, is also still looking for her forever home.

We’ve been tagged by Archi Ann for a book meme.

Here are the rules:

1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people and post a comment to Archi Ann once you have posted it.

Our closest book was “Angel Animals: Divine Messengers of Miracles” by Allen and Linda Anderson. When we turned to page 123, there weren’t five sentences on the page! Only two! So we counted backwards onto page 122 to do this meme.

For example, in his book “What Was the Name of Paul Revere’s Horse?” Patrick Leehey tells about the animal who helped Paul Revere carry out his goal of contacting patriot leaders Samuel Adams and John Hancock to warn them of the impending British invasion. Leehey brings attention to the fact that this event, which shaped history, was accompanied by the beat of a horse’s hooves.

By observing the remarkable wisdom and grace with which animals handle the winds of change, you can learn how to better handle the gales that inevitably blow into your life and the lives of those you love.

We tag:
Betsey and Gus

Diva Kitty and The Fluffies



and our new friend Nipper.

She FINALLY made me carrot cake!!!!

I really like the marzipan carrots on top too! Yum!

Last night when mom came home from pastry school, the apartment was SUPER hot. So she opened a window and brought in a nice tower fan to keep me cool.

Fast forward five hours.

This morning mom let me out to run around before she went to work. She was cleaning my litterbox so I was “helping” her by unrolling the papertowels and bunching them, so that way they were ready for my mom. The fan was right next to me. And the wire was so so tempting.

So I started to nibble on it.

Mom heard me and flipped out! She said how it was dangerous to chew on wires and that I was a silly bun. After looking at the wire, mom took my fan away.

Then she came in with a smaller fan, this time I noticed it had a plastic coating on top of the wire, like our lamps outside. Then she dragged in a kitchen chair. After being very noisy while I tried to begin my morning nap, I felt that gentle breeze again. Not as strong, but still a breeze. I opened my eyes and saw that she put the fan on top of the chair.

I think she’s a silly human! Who puts fans on chairs?!

Mom stayed home from work on Tuesday. She is fighting off bronchitis.

But that meant I had company during the day! We watched Charlotte’s Web and I promised not to tell anyone when mom cried at all the sappy animal scenes. … oops!

So unfortunately, we don’t have any new photos. But the weather seems to be getting warmer– today it’s supposed to be 70 degrees in Connecticut! Mom left the window open for me today so I could get fresh air.

We love DivaKitty’s post about the need to groom when humans muss up fur! The nerve! Mom does the same thing to my ears. Then I have to clean them and groom them all over again!

I could really use a pint.

Let’s see your best nose photo!