Last night when mom came home from pastry school, the apartment was SUPER hot. So she opened a window and brought in a nice tower fan to keep me cool.

Fast forward five hours.

This morning mom let me out to run around before she went to work. She was cleaning my litterbox so I was “helping” her by unrolling the papertowels and bunching them, so that way they were ready for my mom. The fan was right next to me. And the wire was so so tempting.

So I started to nibble on it.

Mom heard me and flipped out! She said how it was dangerous to chew on wires and that I was a silly bun. After looking at the wire, mom took my fan away.

Then she came in with a smaller fan, this time I noticed it had a plastic coating on top of the wire, like our lamps outside. Then she dragged in a kitchen chair. After being very noisy while I tried to begin my morning nap, I felt that gentle breeze again. Not as strong, but still a breeze. I opened my eyes and saw that she put the fan on top of the chair.

I think she’s a silly human! Who puts fans on chairs?!