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You know what is the most fun? Destroying cardboard boxes. The silly humans keep giving me boxes to play in, but I love to shred them as the sun starts coming up. Like, 5 a.m.

It’s the best. 🙂

I am annoyed with the human. She’s always too busy. Even to photograph me! My goodness doesn’t she think I need an updated photo? Hmrpf!

Lately she has started to do her “hobbies” in front of my house, as if this qualifies for bunny bonding time. Absolutely not! I will not be satisified until she sits with me and lets me ignore her.

For this, is the true, bunny bonding time.

We just found out about our friend Archi Ann passing the Rainbow Bridge. Our thoughts go out to her mom during this difficult time.

I’m sad and so is my mom. We don’t know what to say. A lot of our bunny friends have crossed the Rainbow Bridge this year but it never gets easier. I feel lucky to be part of such a wonderful bunny community. And I am so happy I got to know Archi Ann.

The woman made this cake for her final in pastry school yesterday. She said she was inspired by me. It was German chocolate cake covered in chocolate Swiss buttercream with marzipan and fondant accessories.

I give it two paws up!

So… HI!!

Well first off– I am very very very sorry for being so MIA lately. I hardly see the Woman at all these days! Never mind being allowed computer access!

Things are going very well on my end. For the Woman, well, she has been crazy. She is doing a few too many projects and activities, if you ask me. I liked it a lot better when she was boring and played The Sims2 all day. Now she’s running to school, to work, to art fairs… oye!

I hope all my bunny friends are doing well. I’m going to try my best to catch up with everyone!! Starting… now!