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Are you seriously wearing that to work?

Even if she’s judgmental, I still love her! 😉

Since Lola is STILL disgruntled from her Sunday night nail clipping, I dug out Lola’s baby photo to share with you. Lola joined our family when she was six months old. I wonder how adorable she was when she was even younger!

We just found out that we lost Tidbit to the Rainbow Bridge this past Saturday. I’m sure she had a warm welcome by our other dear friends.

We are still so sad. We are losing so many friends to the bridge.


Well, if I had a driver’s license, this is probably what my photo would look like!

I (and the human) apologize for being so absent lately. I wish we could say we were sipping mojitos on a gorgeous Caribbean beach. But instead, our summer so far has been pretty dull. The humans work all day, one goes to school at night. It’s been pretty boring around my pad.

There’s been lots of lounging in the air conditioning. Not that I mind. It’s far better than just the fan.

The one highlight of my week was seeing the 25 pound box of Timothy Hay arrive in front of my house! Yippie Skippie! It must be a fresh-cut batch, because the stalks are extra crunchy.

We think we’re going to shut down the cafepress store in the near future. The cost to keep it open is a bit too much for us … if we do the free version we’d have to cut back on a lot in the shop. My human wants to try and learn how to screenprint her own T-shirts, so maybe Bunny T-shirts will resurface in the future that way. Basically, we don’t want to rely on cafepress any longer. Mom is toying with the idea of opening a second Etsy store, just dedicated to me. But that is still in the “let’s think about it” stage.

And I’d also like to take a moment of silence. I was very sad to learn about Stanley. He will be missed. =( We lose too many friends to the Rainbow Bridge. It never seems to get easier.