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I decided to start off the human’s morning with a game of hide and seek.

She’ll never find me in the guitar forest.

Oh shoot! I think she saw me!

We had a request to see some photos of what the human has been doing instead of spending time with me over the past few months. Hope you enjoy them.

Of course, they are all lacking carrots, lettuce and bananas, so what good are they! Hmrpf!

We have been very bad bloggers lately, but I am putting total blame on my mom. The last week was the worst when she had class every night and work every day so I hardly saw her at all! *thump!* (Thank goodness for midnight runs though!) But now she is all done with the class portion of school and only has to volunteer, so I’ll start seeing her again at night!

So we are going to try and get our act together and begin updating again! 🙂