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As you know, earlier this month I was decorating my home for St. Pat’s. Being an Irish bun, I have to make sure to spread the Irish bun cheer! Which means every bunny should get an extra helping of something green today!

I’m trading in this green carnation for some parsley. Hmmm. Parsley.

Only famous individuals get their pictures in the Daily News.

Like me.

I know Christmas is about giving and sharing love, so I figured maybe I would share the love to my humans. I wrote to the (NY) Daily News and sent them a greeting card with me on it (and I used my stamp too!). Inside, I asked for them to please put me on the special holiday Critter’s Page for my humans to see.

And guess what! They did!


Mom made a gingerbread house fashioned after me!

There are new Halloween items up in the store! (I’m a little sick of the witch hat, though.) My thoughts? Am I supposed to be amused?

Here is one of my extra photos from the pumpkin photo shoot. I’m still not happy with the results, so after I dine this evening perhaps we will try again. The woman still has not brought home a larger pumpkin! Maybe tonight she will…

Anyways, I’ve marked all the pumpkins as mine–as you can see in this photo. I wanted to take a nibble as well but mom was afraid pumpkin stems were not good for me. So she yanked it away! *Thump!*