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It’s quite simple actually.

A two step process.

Receive willow hay rack.

Destroy willow hay rack.

All in one night!

Make Mine Chocolate! is raffling off this beautiful painting. This acrylic on canvas (8×18 inches) might be yours if you buy a raffle ticket — only $1 each! I took mom’s card and bought 10 tickets! Maybe I’ll sneak on later and buy more! I think it would look lovely in my condo! (If one of my friends wins it, I’ll just have to hop on over and visit more often!)

While Lola was getting back to being her feisty little self (she is doing much better thank you so much for all your positive, get well thoughts!) she was browsing the web. She came across Mr. Pinkerton’s profile on myspace, and decided to find out more.

This pink-eyed, New Zealander is a spokesperson for SaveA Bunny. And he’s decided to run for president in 2008. Through his cafe press store, he’s raising money for SaveABunny, the nonprofit rescue group that is dedicated to rescuing rabbits facing euthanasia.

We think Mr. Pinkerton stands for some great things that can help all rabbits. (Read more at his blog.) And who knew that he was the famous rabbit that former President Jimmy Carter ran into in the swamp a couple of years ago (but has successfully completed his anger management classes since then!).

We have to go get some campaign materials now, including some buttons and bumper stickers!

Last June, mom found an awesome, talented artist by the name of Ariel Tebben. She is the creator of the Buddha Bunny, which was inspired by her two rabbits Bunson and Petey.

On her Web site (through myspace), she says: “Each Buddha Bunny is sculpted and painted by hand, so each one is completely unique! …Your bunny is sure to bring serenity and a smile to your day. We hope you’ll share the bunny love! Each Original Buddha Bunny comes with a sculpted lotus on lilypad and a custom gift box lined with silver tissue paper.”

We loved the idea of the Buddha Bunny so much, but saw there were no lops. So we asked Ariel if she could fashion a Buddha after me. And she did! We were so happy with the result when it arrived in it’s little box. It now sits with the rest of the family picture frames.

We hope someday soon to come into a lot of money so we can have an army of Buddha Bunnies all over our bookcases.

Mom’s been working on her Etsy shop a lot lately, so when she stopped hogging the computer, I decided to check it out myself. I found a plethora of rabbit items on there (305 pages at last count!), and picked out my some of favorite ones. Check them out.

I’m a bit late with my wish list for Santa, given the late-night plottings I’ve been holding. (It’s a true shame that my plans were foiled! Who knew a thing called UPS existed! Why isn’t there a mailbox set up for him? Then I could have been waiting in there instead!)

After stewing all day and night in my cage, I’m over it. I’ve decided to go with the flow, as you suggested. I did a few good laps around the apartment this morning to work off some steam, and I feel much more relaxed now. Perhaps Santa will be extra kind to me this year to make the situation better!

So, for Christmas, my list is pretty much sticking to the Busy Bunny Web site. I’m asking for their 2007 Holiday Basket, their Deluxe Basket, an Unpeeled Willow Cube and an Unpeeled Willow (Medium) Ball. That way I’ll have plenty to chew into the new year. I also asked for the “limited edition” DKM greeting card, because, if I have to use those blasted stamps, I might as well have pretty cards to go with them!

This came in our e-mail box this morning! We didn’t even know there was going to be a sale!

* Excludes Gift Certificates, bulk orders, taxes and shipping fees. Cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts or coupons.

Make sure every room in your home has bunny-approved calendars! Check mine out here. (Be sure to click the view calendar pages link to see all my beautiful photos!)