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I’ve been very bad at keeping my blog up to date, so I decided to create a twitter account for myself! You can visit it here:

How do you use this thing?lola1

Rabbit Language, Or “Are You Going to Eat That?”rabbit-language
by Carolyn “R” Crampton

This fun, brief picture book is lots of fun for rabbit caregivers. It provides straight-to-the-point and humorous descriptions of what bunnies are trying to tell you.

From explaining chin rubbing (“One day I will eat you”) to biting things that bunny knows are off limits, rabbit owners will find themselves laughing and agreeing. Each behavior comes complete with whimsical sketches of bunny in action.

This book is a fun alternate for the bunny hugger on your list. We give it three and a half carrots!


If you live in the US today, please go and vote!!

We had a request to see some photos of what the human has been doing instead of spending time with me over the past few months. Hope you enjoy them.

Of course, they are all lacking carrots, lettuce and bananas, so what good are they! Hmrpf!

We have been very bad bloggers lately, but I am putting total blame on my mom. The last week was the worst when she had class every night and work every day so I hardly saw her at all! *thump!* (Thank goodness for midnight runs though!) But now she is all done with the class portion of school and only has to volunteer, so I’ll start seeing her again at night!

So we are going to try and get our act together and begin updating again! 🙂

Since Lola is STILL disgruntled from her Sunday night nail clipping, I dug out Lola’s baby photo to share with you. Lola joined our family when she was six months old. I wonder how adorable she was when she was even younger!

You know what is the most fun? Destroying cardboard boxes. The silly humans keep giving me boxes to play in, but I love to shred them as the sun starts coming up. Like, 5 a.m.

It’s the best. 🙂

We just found out about our friend Archi Ann passing the Rainbow Bridge. Our thoughts go out to her mom during this difficult time.

I’m sad and so is my mom. We don’t know what to say. A lot of our bunny friends have crossed the Rainbow Bridge this year but it never gets easier. I feel lucky to be part of such a wonderful bunny community. And I am so happy I got to know Archi Ann.

Mom stayed home from work on Tuesday. She is fighting off bronchitis.

But that meant I had company during the day! We watched Charlotte’s Web and I promised not to tell anyone when mom cried at all the sappy animal scenes. … oops!

So unfortunately, we don’t have any new photos. But the weather seems to be getting warmer– today it’s supposed to be 70 degrees in Connecticut! Mom left the window open for me today so I could get fresh air.

We love DivaKitty’s post about the need to groom when humans muss up fur! The nerve! Mom does the same thing to my ears. Then I have to clean them and groom them all over again!