I’ve been very bad at keeping my blog up to date, so I decided to create a twitter account for myself! You can visit it here: https://twitter.com/LolaTheBunny.

How do you use this thing?lola1


I haven’t been able to get to the internet as much as I hoped this past month. I can’t believe its the holiday time again. This month will mark the second year of living with the humans. Undoubtedly, they are shopping for something fabulous to give me for Christmas.

What have I been doing?


Catching up on my reading…


Hanging out with Piglet….


Practicing my disgruntled look.

What have you been doing?

Rabbit Language, Or “Are You Going to Eat That?”rabbit-language
by Carolyn “R” Crampton

This fun, brief picture book is lots of fun for rabbit caregivers. It provides straight-to-the-point and humorous descriptions of what bunnies are trying to tell you.

From explaining chin rubbing (“One day I will eat you”) to biting things that bunny knows are off limits, rabbit owners will find themselves laughing and agreeing. Each behavior comes complete with whimsical sketches of bunny in action.

This book is a fun alternate for the bunny hugger on your list. We give it three and a half carrots!


If you live in the US today, please go and vote!!

What do you mean you now own a camera phone?

Miss Lola’s birthday is coming up on Sept. 30 and we (the humans) are trying to figure out a way to make her a little something special! While bunnies can’t have traditional cakes, we’re trying to think of a rabbit-friendly alternative. Any ideas?

Last year she got a platter of greens.

How do you celebrate your bunny’s birthday?

I decided to start off the human’s morning with a game of hide and seek.

She’ll never find me in the guitar forest.

Oh shoot! I think she saw me!

We had a request to see some photos of what the human has been doing instead of spending time with me over the past few months. Hope you enjoy them.

Of course, they are all lacking carrots, lettuce and bananas, so what good are they! Hmrpf!